Skateboarding as a New Discipline in the Olympics

Skateboarding in the olympics
Skateboarding in the olympics
Now, skateboarding has become an official sport at the Olympics. Skateboarding emerged in California in the 1950s.

Now, skateboarding has become an official sport in the Olympics. Skateboarding emerged in California in the 1950s. It was initially practiced on the streets, in skate parks, and in competitions.

Skateboarding Legends in France

In France, skateboarding is mainly practiced on the cobblestone streets and hidden corners of Paris. Skateboarding also thrives in Marseille, with its seaside spots. It has gained popularity in other cities in France before shining internationally.

Here are the iconic figures who have represented French skateboarding:

St├ęphane Larance:

St├ęphane, originally from Paris, is known for his precise ollies and flawless flips. He has become a reference for skateboarding enthusiasts and professionals in France.

Bastien Salabanzi:

With a career filled with victories, Bastien is renowned for his daring grinds and breathtaking jumps. His passion for skateboarding has continuously pushed his limits.

Lucas Puig:

The streets of Toulouse were Lucas’s playground. His smooth slides and controlled rotations have earned him a place among the great names in international skateboarding.

Vincent Milou:

Vincent is known for his extended manuals and technical jumps. He immediately caught the public’s attention in his early competition appearances. His dedication and determination make him one of the most promising skateboarders of his generation.

Skateboarding in the Olympics: A Sporting Revolution

Skateboarding, once confined to the streets, has taken a prestigious place on the global sports stage. In 2020, skateboarding became a new discipline in the Olympics, marking a new era in the world of skateboarding. The 2020 Tokyo Games witnessed the historic introduction of skateboarding to the Olympics.

The competitions were held in two distinct categories:


This course simulates elements found in the street, such as rails, stairs, ramps, and curbs.


In this course, participants must showcase their skills, techniques, and creativity in empty pools, half-pipes, ramps, and more. It allows competitors to perform breathtaking aerial maneuvers.

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Talented skateboarders now have the opportunity to share their passion on a global scale thanks to skateboarding’s inclusion in the Olympics. Skateboarding is now recognized as a high-level sport. As for the audience, they can enjoy extraordinary performances from skate legends and the new generations of skateboarders in the years to come.

Skateboarding is an exciting sport that requires intensive training to perform complex tricks. Who knows, the introduction of skateboarding to the Olympics might further boost its popularity? It may also convince more people to take up skateboarding. In any case, skateboarding is a sport that can help you push your limits and establish a new career as a globally recognized athlete.


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